Integrated Traffic Systems

Integrated Traffic Solutions

Optimized traffic safety and flow on our roadways depends on accurate, reliable data collected by multiple devices that can be monitored in real-time by Federal, State, and local government agencies.

CE provides a single source in the Mid-Atlantic region for integrated traffic solutions deployment and maintenance. Founded in 1976 with over 16 years of direct ITS support for MDOT, our dedicated ITS team is ready to help support, expand, and enhance your existing systems. Devices supported and maintained include: ATR, RTMS, RWIS, MARWIS, StarWIS, OHD, LPR, CCTV, DMS, portable CCTV and messaging, data collection, analysis, and transport.

ITS Automatic Traffic Recorder

ATR – Automatic Traffic Recorders

Automatic traffic recorders are permanently installed traffic counter and classification systems consisting of inductive loops and piezos. Installing a class one or two ATR system will allow you to collect data such as vehicle classification with axel count, weight of a vehicle, and it’s speed. Communications Electronics can install the proper loops and piezos needed along with system maintenance.

  • Saw Cutting
  • Group Loop Installation with Epoxy
  • Piezo Installation with Epoxy
License Plate Reader Integrated Traffic System

LPR – License Plate Reader

License Plate Reader (LPR) technology provides law enforcement with automated detection of a vehicle’s license plate as they pass the reader. The LPR system consists of a high-speed camera, mounted either at a fixed location or on a mobile patrol vehicle.

  • The vehicle’s make and model
  • The vehicle’s driver and passengers
  • Distinguishing features (e.g., bumper stickers, damage)
  • State of registration

OHD – Over-Height Detector

An overheight collision is a common type of accident causing the bridges to receive scrapes, minor damage, major repair, or worst case, death to motorists and pedestrians. Overheight Vehicle Detection Systems (OHD) reduces collisions between motorists and overhead structures. By detecting overheight vehicles moving toward bridges, tunnels and other overhead structures the motorists can be timely and properly warned given them time to redirect for safety.
Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor

RTMS – Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor

RTMS radar devices are noninvasive Radar products that will provide the data you need to monitor traffic flow where installing loops are a challenge. Utilizing Image Sensing Systems, SX-300 and SX-300 HDCAM, or Wavetronix, SmartSensor HD, Communications Electronics will provide the best solution for collecting the data you need.
Variable Message Sign

DMS/VMS – Dynamic Message Sign / Variable Messaging Sign

Providing valuable information to the public via  messages including traffic congestionaccidents, changes in traffic patterns, road work ahead, speed limit changes, time and distance to major roadways and Amber/Silver/Blue Alerts.  DMS/VMS devices are a quick and easy tools to distribute information to the commuters in the moments that matter.

Integrated Traffic Systems

PDMS – Portable Dynamic Message Sign, on trailer

Portable message signs are DMS/VMS devices attached to a trailer for easy movement and setup at locations when needed.  They’re used to alter traffic patterns near work zones, traffic management for special events, natural disasters and many other temporary traffic notifications.

ITS Flashing Message Sign

FMS – Flashing Message Sign

Flashing warning lights are attached to either permanent signs such as “Fog Warning” or “DMS/VMS” in order to alert the commuter of an urgent message. These warning lights can also be attached to portable DMS/VMS signs as needed.

Portable Highway Advisory Radio

HAR/PHAR – (Portable) Highway Advisory Radio

Low powered AM radio station that provide commuters of critical travel information, emergencies and situations of danger; both fixed and portable units are available for deployment.
Integrated Traffic Systems Open/Closed Sign

OCS – Open/Closed Sign

Open/Closed signs are used for controlling lane traffic at Weigh Stations and inspection facilities to direct commercial traffic and for the safety of the state police and other employees working at the Inspection Stations.